Where I Was 40 Years Ago (a radio story)

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Fri Nov 21 14:35:55 EST 2003

Donna writes:

> On another list, we were asked where we were when Kennedy was
> shot, and
> this was my reply:
> I was at Roslindale High School, where I was doing what I
> normally did--
> trying to listen to the radio whenever my classes got too
> boring.  <snip>

I was not quite wee 3 years old when JFK was killed, so I have no recollection,
whatsoever. What I do have, however, is how this day's anniversary impacted on
my parents and grandparents through the mid and late 60s.  It was not an
uncommon sight to see a framed photo of JFK in someone's living room or hall, at
that time.  It was as if there was an effort to keep alive his memory at a time
when the world was getting any friendlier or safer.  When RFK was shot, it
became a double-hit to the senses and emotions: JFK revisited, the hope of RFK
snuffed, and the, at the very least, regional impact by the assault on the
Kennedy machine.

Bill O'Neill

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