WAAF Worcest..errr... Westborough!

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> Real Rock stations... have to love it.
> WERZ always had spotty coverage in the southern part of the state. Funny -
> just joined this list because WHEB - I was driving in Methuen, MA and
> getting a signal overlap from WKKB when listening to 100.3. I guess WKKB
> might be riding their power a bit high from 4200 watts, if I heard them
> clearly inside WHEB's protected signal area. Then again, perhaps they just
> want to break into WBCN's signal with their Howard Stern Morning show. I
> they aren't too pleased about the power tweaking either.

I have to say this is one of the biggest mis-conceptions that people have.
Just because a station has a certain power and may seem lower than you'd
expect, doesn't mean the signal is going to be limited to that of others. I
will almost guarentee you that WKKB is running at it's legal power and not
"tweaking" it up in any way. I know and am good friends with several radio
engineers and not one of them is in the buisness of powering up the station
to make it illegal. You assume that automatically because you can hear them
up in Methuen that they are transmitting at rediculously high power, higher
than their license. Their antenna is in an excellent location (3/4 of the
way up the WLNE-TV tower in Tiverton, RI), and the signal just is clear
right up the valley. Before any wrong allegations are made against WKKB or
the engineering staff at Citadel, may I suggest contacting them about it.

--Mike Fitzpatrick
(not affiliated with Citadel in any way).

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