WAAF Worcest..errr... Westborough!

Nostaticatall nostaticatall@comcast.net
Tue Nov 18 02:20:03 EST 2003

If you want to get technical, they popped up in at least eight books. 
 WAAF regularly shows in the New London CT book.  The station appears in 
the  Portsmouth books every now and then, despite WERZ being on 107.1. 
 Most of those WAAF listeners up there were in the southwestern part of 
the market, where WERZ's signal is weakest.

When I was working at WERZ several years back, their sister station WSRI 
(96.7/Rochester) was flipping format to oldies (now WQSO.)  During the 
stunting that preceded the flip, ARS (who owned the stations at the 
time) decided to simulcast WAAF on 96.7, since WAAF was also an ARS 
property back then.  The phones at BOTH stations lit up, and listeners 
were loving the fact that they could "hear AAF clearly" and had a "real 
rock station" to listen to instead of WHEB.  I'm sure they were quite 
disappointed when the hard rock was replaced by the Beatles and Motown....

Mike Thomas

Paul Anderson wrote:

> And how sad that WAAF, a station that once alternately took pride in, 
> and made fun of, Worcester, now ignores their audience outside of 
> Boston.  At one time, they showed up in six books, didn't they?  
> Worcester, Boston, Providence, Hartford, Springfield,...

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