Polkas on 1030, County on 1010...oh my!

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Mon Nov 17 02:05:38 EST 2003

At 12:57 AM 11/17/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> > OK this one has me stumped. A few days ago while near Foxboro at 530 PM
> > another signal came over WBZ on 1030 playing polka music followed by a
> > commercial in a language I think was polish.... Anybody have a clue???
>WNVR Vernon Hills, Ill.  I'm certain Mark Manuelian will be pleased to
>find out....

Mmm...not if it was polka music. The nice folks at Polnet, which owns WNVR, 
WRKL 910 New City (cough) "New York" and WLIM 1580 Patchogue LI, corrected 
me rather sternly when I made a polka crack about their programming a few 
years back. While Polnet does program 100% in Polish, it's mostly 
news-talk, with some of what we'd call AC music. Apparently they look at 
polkas the way the English radio community looks at big band - it's what 
the old folks listen to, not what you'd program for a younger, more 
Americanized audience.

As for country on 1010, surely Mr. Nelson knows better than to believe 
either radio-locator or WNTK's own website! <g>

As I've reported in NERW and 100kw, WNTK's AM side went back to Americana 
music a while back, and slid down the dial from 1020 back to 1010 in 
September, thus allowing the addition of 37 whopping watts after dark. WNBX 
1480 in Springfield VT dropped the talk around the same time to go "Real 
Oldies," and I ought to know, seeing as how I'm the (big cough) overnight 
jock there :-)

"Scotty D," all night long on WNBX and WSNH...

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