water and ground waves in DX

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 00:03:01 EST 2003

Re: the country station I picked up on 1010:

> It also could have been WNTK Newport, N.H.  They
> have a country format.

I thought it might have been them, too, but their
website says they're talk:


(The site says they're at AM 1020 and FM 99.7.
Radio-locator.com says they have a CP to move to 1010.
Both "WNTK 1010 (CP)" and "WNTK 1020" are listed in
radio-locator.com as "Talk".)

I haven't been up that way in awhile; I knew
they were doing country before but thought I heard
they'd switched to talk. Or did the talk move to
the 1480 in Springfield, VT (co-owned)?

Not sure how accurate their website is
(maybe the changed the site but didn't take
down the old one?) At the time I tuned in (11:25
am), Dr. Joy Browne is supposed to be on,
if the WNTK site is accurate.

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