WAAF Worcest..errr... Westborough!

Fitzpatrick, Mike engineer@the-spa.com
Sat Nov 15 18:31:19 EST 2003

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From: "Sean Smyth" <sps199@>
> I believe the sixth was Albany, at least from what I've read elsewhere.

That is a real stretch. While those of us who are radio lovers and can stand
to listen to a very weak signal under static, WAAF's signal in the Albany
area is not the signal a normal person could stand. The biggest issue with
WAAF in Albany is WRWD-FM in Highland Park, NY (also on 107.3) has a pretty
decent signal up the valley. In Great Barrington, where I used to live, we
couldn't get WAAF until you were on a east facing hill, because of WRWD-FM.
I remember students in High School with me asking me why they couldn't hear
WAAF around there and how disappointed they were because of it. (and how mad
they were at "that country station" that blows it away).

--Mike Fitzpatrick.

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