"Let It Be... Half-Naked" on 'ODS

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Fri Nov 14 03:50:18 EST 2003

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>> I didn't think WBZ broadcast in AM stereo anymore. I understand 
>>that their current main transmitter is in mono, and their AM stereo 
>> generator is only on their backup transmitter. That's probably why
>> it sounded like mono to you, because it probably was. Did you 
>> actually have an AM stereo indicator light (not just a tuning light) 
>> on?
>The stereo indicator was on for the whole fifteen minutes or so I was
>listening. It's quite reliable and not prone to giving false indication.

Hmm, perhaps they switched the AM stereo transmitter on just for that 
broadcast, but neglected to feed stereo audio somewhere in their 
studios or airchain. I wish I had thought of checking out AM during the 


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