Open or closed archives (was Re: Magic Songs)

Garrett Wollman
Thu Nov 13 11:14:59 EST 2003

<<On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 02:57:35 -0500, Richard Chonak <> said:

> Some e-mail archivers (perhaps including the one used by OEM) have
> an option to obscure or totally hide the addresses of authors.

My personal feeling is that doing so is much worse than making the
archives private, because:

1) It has a tendency to mangle things that aren't addresses.

2) The transformation done by mailman is trivially reversible, to the
extent that the spam harvesters know how to undo it now.

Right now, considering comments sent to me privately, sentiment seems
about evenly split, so I probably won't make any changes at this time.


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