WAZN 1470

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Nov 10 12:49:18 EST 2003

As of a few minutes ago, WAZN 1470 (ex-WSRO Marlborough) was on the air from
the WTTT site in Lexington and was // with sister station WLYN 1360 Lynn. I
think the program was in Portuguese. Until I drive a good distance out Route
2, I won't know whether WAZN is running with its directional antenna system,
which sends most of the daytime signal to northwest to protect WBET and
WSAR, or whether the station is using a day power close to the 1400W
authorized in its CP to change its Tx location to Lexington and its COL to
Watertown. Conceivably, the current operation could be nondirectional, which
would permit a daytime power of about 170W. My location is in an area where
the 1.4-kW directional daytime signal and a 170W ND signal would be about
equally strong. However, if WAZN is running ND, it will have to reduce power
significantly at sunset and the decrease in power should be noticeable here.
On the other hand, if the station is using its DA, it will increase power to
3.4 kW at sunset and will turn its pattern around so that most of the signal
goes to the southeast, toward Boston. I don't know whether there will be
much difference between the day and night directional signals at this
location, but I think I will be able to tell whether the power increases at
sunset (as it would if the station is using its DA) or decreases (as it
would if the station is operating ND).

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