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>>Meet Jeremy's brother, Chad, the glowing college
>>   student. Jeremy will have to live up to his brother's dreadfully 
>> perfect example.
>A bit off topic, but I don't think I've ever seen a reference to Jeremy 
>having a brother in that strip.  Did he get written out almost immediately?

Chad shows up every once in a great while since he's off at college and 
presumably stays at college over the summer (because he's so perfect, 
probably takes summer courses to graduate early and works to pay his own 
way through college).   Usually his only appearances are around 
Christmastime and now and then Jeremy talks to him on the phone (usually 
screams at him - they rarely get along).

As the "Great Big Honkin' Zits" compliation says, they're named after the 
British pop duo "Chad & Jeremy" from the 1960's, and both Walt and Connie 
(the parents) think it was the other's idea to name their kids after that 
"stupid band".

On a closer to home bit, today's Non Sequitur has Joe Pyle (one of main 
characters; he has a liberal talk show at a station you can vaguely infer 
is in Maine) go into shock because the newscaster announces the station 
they work for has been sold to Clear Channel, and the news guy is thrilled 
because it means they'll only have to rip-n-read White House Press releases 
instead of actually working to report the news.


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