B-R-I Status? (Was: Mailing-list Update)

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@programmer.net
Tue Nov 4 10:04:42 EST 2003

Our esteemed list owner and moderator advised Friday,

> FYI, during the next 48 hours I will be changing the software
> (and hardware) that this mailing-list runs on.  I will also be
> making some changes in the way that it operates, to hopefully cut
> down even more on spam.

Well, Saturday I posted a message about 1.150's status change and fellow
RG ("Radio Geek") Laurence Glavin replied via B-R-I and e-mail
CC--however, neither my original post, his reply OR ANY OTHER MESSAGE by
anybody has shown up on either of the two lists  ("bri/last50" and
"bri/06") and no new digest has appeared!  P=(
Is the website mode of the mailing-list still being adjusted (and the
messages on queue somewhere) or is there a bug in the new software?


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