1150 "stunting" now changed to dead air

Paul Hopfgarten paul@03038.com
Mon Nov 3 15:30:41 EST 2003

They're back to "Danny Boy as of 3:10PM

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> For at least the last 45 minutes, "Oh Danny Boy" has been replaced by dead
> air. It's very clean dead air, though. Can't detect any hum on this radio.
> Hum might be easier to detect on a radio with a larger speaker.
> This is very
> reminiscent of the station's almost namesake, WBPS: WTTT 1150 bills itself
> as the Boston Tea Party. Less than a year ago, the then WBPS 890
> was calling
> itself "the Boson Talk Party." This was in 890's "black helicopter"
> incarnation, which was also based on ultra-right-wing talk (plus a lot of
> wild talk that even most ultra-right-wingers would disavow). Tea
> Party, Talk
> Party, whatever; it now seems that dead air is a staple of both
> stations. If
> you're in the mood for silence, though, the dead air is even more relaxing
> than "Oh Danny Boy."
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