WJUL Lives (In The Globe Anyway)

Aaron Read aread@speakeasy.net
Mon Nov 3 12:16:03 EST 2003

At 02:39 PM 11/1/2003, Laurence Glavin wrote:

>(and I'm not even a sports fan!).  Well, you  can guess the
>first error I found:  the re-emergence of WJUL-FM 91.5,
>the Jewel of the Merrimack Valley!  Tonight's college hockey
>game (Sat. 11/1) between Northeastern and U-Mass/Lowell
>is listed as being broadcast on WRBB-FM 104.9 and WJUL-FM 91.5. I know 
>I'll be listening.
>Laurence Glavin

In their defense...they probably received the info back when it still was 
WJUL.  Given the confusion that surrounded the entire change, it doesn't 
surprise me that something like that fell through the cracks.   It will 
probably remain "WJUL" until next season when new schedules are sent out to 
all the papers.

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