1.150 Now "Officially"(?) WTTT & Stunting w/"Danny Boy"s

tc@chaostheory.com tc@chaostheory.com
Sun Nov 2 13:15:21 EST 2003

> On 2 Nov 2003 at 7:53, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>> 1. "Oh Danny Boy" is in the public domain, hence there are no royalties
>> to pay.

And Atty. Ross responded:
> Why is it in the public domain?  When was it written?

The lyrics were written in 1910; the melody is older than that, dating
from sometime in the mid 1800's, and appears to have had other lyrics and
been known by the name "Londonderry Air" (Or "Aire".)

A fairly well-detailed history of the song as we know it can be found at
this website:

Now, on that point-- the song publishing would certainly be in the public
domain, but wouldn't any recording of the song have a copyright on that
specific performance and still be subject to royalty?

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