A "Legal" 99.9 For Lawrence?

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> I think it
> is, there was actually a newspaper article about him last year, when he
> stated that he didn't need a radio license, that Jesus wanted him to
> preach, so he was going to do so.   I remember it because I was scheduled
> for a Let's Talk About Radio and I recall commenting on some of the
> pirates who hide behind religion.  I too agree that we need low-power
> stations, but to say that your particular religious belief gives you the
> right to take over a place on the dial is problematic, no matter who says
> it.  I wondered at that point why nobody had shut him down, but I am told
> his station is actually popular amongst some of the immigrant population,
> so maybe the FCC didn't find it to be a priority to shut him down the way
> they stormed Radio Free Allston way back when...

That claim is no weirder than those made by the people behind Radio Free

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