Musings from Chicago

Kevin Vahey
Tue Dec 30 22:37:12 EST 2003

Really enjoyed spending 2 days at the Museum of Broadcasting in Chicago, 
which is now closed until September 2005.

The only Boston based radio people in their Hall of Fame are the Car 
Talk guys, Jerry Williams and of course Roy Leonard who got the biggest 
break of his life when WNAC radio flipped to WRKO and he took a job at 

The rock n' roll and radio exhibit was well done and while they credit 
Alan Freed with coining the term rock n' roll, they say Top 40 was 
invented by Gordon McClendon at KLIF Dallas. They were very harsh on 
Bill Drake as he was "credited" for turning radio into a cookie cutter 

Chicago had quite the radio network history, with shows like Fibber 
McGee and Molly, Amos and Andy beaming nationwide. On display were the 
Edgar Bergman dummies as his show was done by NBC in Chicago. Was also 
fun playing with a TK31 camera that was used in the Nixon/Kennedy 

To add to my "enjoyment" I walked into the sports room just as the 
words, " a little roller behind the bag, it gets by Buckner.." was being 
played.... <grumble>

One other thing of note, a cult Chicago radio show turns 50 this week, 
The Midnight Special on WFMT. The history of the show can be found at 
this link from the Sun Times.

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