A "Legal" 99.9 For Lawrence?

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Tue Dec 30 21:19:08 EST 2003

> Why?  Most of the religious broadcasters I've been aware of,
> especially
> those involved in low-power stations, are of the Bible-thumping
> Send-Me-Your-Money kind and quite outside mainstream
> religion.  Perhaps
> it's not true in this case and Laurence made an incorrect assumption,
> but I bet it's not.
> Paul

This gets squeaky.  I'll add my .02 by saying that if a broadcaster is, in this
example, a Christian broadcaster, then what would you expect him to "thump" but
the Bible?  The Broadcasting Yearbook?  Radio & Records?  How about the Farmer's
Almanac?  That would bring 'em all to Christ.

Secondly, if a group wants to evangelize via the radio medium, then they would
need cash to keep it up, no?

As with ALL radio, there is good radio and then there is BAD radio.  Like all
who take a stab at it, Christian broadcasters can do a decent job and others can
verily tank.

Bill O'Neill

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fall in love, get married.

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the reception was brilliant.

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