A "Legal" 99.9 For Lawrence?

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Tue Dec 30 18:23:29 EST 2003

Remember the pirate operating at 99.9 FM in Lawrence, Mass?
Some preacher believed that anything under 100 watts was o.k. without
FCC authorization, so he put an FM on the air with 99 watts
on 99.9.  This turned out to be a false belief, just like
the ones he preached in the pulpit no doubt.  Now an outfit
called Edgewater Broadcasting wants to put a possible legal
rebroadcaster on-the-air in Lawrence on that frequency,
probably with considerably less power. WKLB may have
something to say about that.  Why not the unused 93.3
CP that was supposed to fill in WBOS-FM's coverage from
the tower on Wood Hill in Andover?  That hasn't been put on the air

Laurence Glavin

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