XM gets "sirius"

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Mon Dec 29 18:16:54 EST 2003


> 3,999,999 as of January 5 when I get XM installed in my car.
> AM and FM radio has failed to provide anything other than
> lowest-common-denominator entertainment.  The generality that
> it's fine for most people might be true, but most people I talk to (neighbors,
friends and coworkers) have similarly given up on traditional
> radio for music.

 I haven't made that commitment just yet, sat. radio. It's just a matter of
time.  Listening was troublesome, at best.  I started a list of what I heard
what was positive versus negative.  The latter prompted a lot of pencil
sharpening.  I could not get a Boston "feel" from most of the stations I
listened to. Considered the possibility that the regular talent was home with
family, but....  As I scanned around, one station that never gets a mention and
one I'd not listened to for years was significant for just being what it's sold
itself as: WILD (1090 Boston.)  Hope that compliment doesn't confer a pox upon
the signal.

Overall observations:

- Same old boring liners, big-boy voices all trying to be relevant.
- Talkers way too into themselves versus just letting the format do what it does
if you just shut up.
- Music rotation about as safe as it gets.
+ Star 93.7, inasmuch as I am not into their mix, is different.  Refreshingly.
Diana Steele in ayem drive seems to work well.  She's above the fray in terms of
generosity with mic presence by co-hosts.
- WMJX (106.7 Boston) calls that stuff they play Sunday mornings "jazz?"  Good
thing they aren't the guys in charge of labeling the stuff that we eat.


Bill O'Neill

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