XM gets 'sirius'

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Mon Dec 29 17:13:56 EST 2003

"Dan Strassberg" wrote...
> The reason that broadcasters are such copycats is
> that, as a group, they are greedy and stupid (which DOES NOT mean that
> there are no exceptions). So much erroneous "conventional wisdom" floats
> around the industry that nearly everybody believes it. And so we have a
> herd of sheep (with the intelligence of sheep) making format
> decisions--and what looks to me to be no chance of reversing the trend.

No, the reason that broadcasters are such copycats is that they're human. 
It's a lot easier to take a proven formula that works than to take the
chance on something unproven where you might lose your shirt.

Besides, what is so horrible about similarity?  I can take a drive thru a
new housing development...2, maybe 3 styles of houses with maybe 3 pastel
colors...all the houses look pretty much alike.  Yet people are spending
$300,000 or more on them.  Can anyone tell a Camry from an Accord from an
Impala at 25 paces?  They all look like they came off the same assembly
line!  Again, people are ponying up $25,000 for 'em.  They'll spend some
pretty big bucks for something that looks just like their neighbor's et
somehow we should expect every radio station to be a unique entity?  Gimme
a break.  How many people know or care that a (insert format here) station
in Boston sounds pretty much like one in Omaha?

I'm sorry to hear that your favorite station changed format.  It's not the
end of the world.  There are probably a few people around that are still
p/o'ed that WCOZ isn't still around playing Journey and AC/DC too.  Why
don't you buy your own station and show us how it's done?

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