XM gets "sirius"

Ben Gore ben@hrdent.com
Sun Dec 28 13:36:27 EST 2003

> Luke wrote:
>> Isn't it possible people are paying for XM to get away from narrow
>> playlists, and a large portion of people who would invest in it expect
>> something more than normal FM provides? 
SteveOrdinetz wrote:

>> Quite possibly.  The question was whether there enough such people to 
>> be able to support 2 (or even 1) such service.  My reply was that 
>> despite all the griping by the radio/music geeks, most people seem to 
>> be relatively satisfied with the "free" offerings.
...Or they choose to listen to their own music collection that they 
burned a compilation CD from, or (now) their kid's DVDs while driving 
home from soccer practice, or they talk on the cell phone, or message by 
wireless PDA or Blackberry, or  any number of other distractions they 
have in the car now. At home they have all the cable/satellite channels, 
the internet and everything else they had in the car.

With all these other technologies competing for time and attention, it's 
getting harder for any one of them to be a winner. I hope at least one 
of the satellite radio providers survive, but I wouldn't be at all 
surprised to see them rolled up into a satellite TV provider or some 
similar consolidation in the future.


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