WV as in Victor, WVCA...

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Sat Dec 27 08:02:14 EST 2003

Eli Polonsky wrote:
> >
>I read that their first morning host as WSNH, a woman by the name
>Shelby (who had previously been James's morning show "sidekick"
>on WMEX 106.5), left for work at a Clear Channel owned station in
>Maine, I don't remember which one.

AFAIK, she "does" mid-days on WSNH.  Last time I listened her liners were 
still there.  Dunno if they plan to replace her liners with someone 
else.  It's not like they change them regularly, so she could continue to 
"do" mid-days even though she doesn't work for Dennis anymore

I don't think she ever did AM drive, though they did have a local 
male/female morning team.  Neither sounded all that experienced.

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