HDTV (was RE: WBZ errr CBS4 HD now on Comcast)

Fitzpatrick, Mike engineer@the-spa.com
Sat Dec 27 03:20:44 EST 2003

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>   720p was chosen for live events as 1080i as 720 handles the motion of 
>speed better

720p handles motion better than 1080i? Where is your proof in this? Not that
I am calling you wrong, and I am certainly not, I have never read this
little fact in anything I've read recently on HD and would like to know
where you saw it.

If ESPN is indeed using their HD truck and is using 720p, the reason could
likely be attributed to the fact that ABC has 720p as the HD format.(And
IIRC ESPN is using 720p on their own HD format). It would make sense to have
all your HD equipment be running at the same format versus some using 1080i,
and others using 720p. I know that the TV station I work at, although NBC,
is encoding HD at 1080i. If NBC is passing a true HD signal (Leno for
example), we are putting it on the air in HD. However when in local
programming, or syndicated, we are just upconverting onto our HD channel. We
have a HD switcher inline that switches on the HD encoder input from the
Upconverter to the NBC Receiver and the Harris automation triggers the

--Mike Fitzpatrick

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