DirecTV (was TV Guide editions)

Kevin Vahey
Thu Dec 25 14:05:38 EST 2003

Ch 9 has had problems with DirecTV for months. I am assuming wherever 
the uplink is for the local feeds they do not get a great OTA signal.

Speaking of 9, how did they get permission to carry the ESPN game last 
Sat, but no Providence OTA was allowed? The NFL requires an OTA signal 
in the primary market (in this case WCVB) but how did MUR snesk in?

On Thu, 25 Dec 2003 1:46pm, Paul Hopfgarten wrote:
> They use DirecTV where I work and when they put on MNF, Ch9 has 
> "ghosts"
> (ah, brings bak memories of my living in Randolph MA getting ghosts on 
> 4,5
> and watching 10 and 12 from Providence which had much better pictures,
> although Ch 6 (then WTEV) was NOT superior to the Boston ABC or CBS 
> affil
> (depending on year))
> Anyway, Ch 9 on DirecTV had ghosts! If you're in Line of Site of a 
> Broadcast
> Signal, and the Signal on DirecTV (or any Satellite service FTM) 
> bounces off
> the bucket of bolts 25K Mi up, ghosts are too be expected? When the 
> DirecTV
> is set to Ch 5 WCVB, there are no ghosts.
> Anyone else notice this with their satellite service if their 
> line-of-site
> to a broadcast signal?
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> East Derry NH
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> On Wednesday, December 24, 2003, at 09:30  PM, Paul Anderson wrote:
>>  On Dec 24, 2003, at 12:17 PM, Scott Fybush wrote:
>>>  My friends on the WTFDA (TV/FM DXers list) have been noticing that TV
>>>  Guide has consolidated a number of its regional editions out of
>>>  existence, effective with the 12/27/03 issue. Here in Rochester, our
>>>  "Rochester Edition" (which listed Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse)
>>>  has been merged into "Western New York,"
>>  The Boston and Providence editions have been eliminated, replaced by a
>>  Boston-Providence edition. ..
> TV Guide is in tough shape overall, but local advertising in particular
> is a shadow of its former self.    Also, their new format has cut
> coverage of daytime hours when local differences were most important.
> Now they emphasize prime time network and cable channels and they could
> almost consolidate to an Eastern Time Zone edition, like they do for
> DirecTV.
> Mark

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