WBOQ aims for younger demo

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Wed Dec 24 11:01:58 EST 2003

Bob Bittner mentioned on another board that he thought
that the WBOQ format change was a good idea.
My thoughts:

Sometimes when I'm on this group, I approach my views
from a "listener" point of view--as in, "it's too bad
WBOQ dumped its jazzy standards since it was something
different! Now it's just another oldies station,
though they're playing some cuts WODS isn't airing..."

Or sometimes I take an approach of "reality"-- that
is, that radio is a business** and while you may have
a really good and DIFFERENT format, if you aren't
bringing in ratings or advertisers, you're doomed.
This may mean "lowest common denominator",
"cookie-cutter" radio, but as the saying goes, "Give
the people what they want". If that means
familiarity--to bring in listeners and sponsors--then
that's just what they need to do. It means some
listeners have to look harder to find something like
jazzy standards or smooth jazz (maybe a college radio
show, or a small AM station)...but this new format, a
more general 
appeal type of music mix, will probably help WBOQ. 

I'm glad they're taking a "local" approach, too...
NORTH SHORE 104.9.... 

As for the format switch _before_ Christmas:
Yes--despite the technical snafus, it's a good
pre-emptive strike. Grab oldies fans while WODS is
still ho-ho-ho-ing. 

As for advertisers not necessarily desiring listeners
who are 50+, that's something Bob has mentioned on
Let's Talk About Radio. I'm guessing that 50 is a
cutoff point, and 65+ another--that is, 
those 25-50 (or "25-54") are really desired; those 50
to 65 are less desired, and those over 65 are least
desired. "Sorry, old-timer, we're not interested in
you...maybe you can find what you want to 
hear on a small station somewhere, or you can turn to
news/talk... but you aren't our prime demo." Sad but

**--As for radio being a business, I've said it before
but...on the first episode of WKRP in Cincinnatti, new
program director Andy Travis 
abruptly changes the Beautiful Music format to raucous
rock. When Mrs. Carlson, the station owner (her son is
the GM), tells Andy, "Young man, this radio station is
a business. It is not here for 
your personal listening pleasure", Andy replies,
"Ma'am, I know it's a business which is why I had to
change the format". Exactly. 

(And the episode ends with Dr. Johnny Fever leading
into a spot for one of the station's previous
advertisers, who were still being aired despite the
format change: 

DR JOHNNY FEVER: "Together we will growl, and
HOWWWWL!...Right after this 
word from Shady Hills Rest Home..." 

COMMERCIAL: "Many of us ask this age-old
question...What happens 
when I can no longer feed myself?"... )


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