American Top 40 Theme

Roy Lawrence
Wed Dec 24 03:41:50 EST 2003

Anyone remember the show "Countdown America" with John
Leader? It was originally distributed by RKO Networks
which became United Stations Radio Network (owned by
Dick Clark who later hosted it). He also hosted "The
National Music Survey" top 30 countdown CHR and AC
weekly top 30 countdowns. In addition, he also hosted
Rock, Roll and Remember too. Not bad for a guy who was
in his mid 60's at the time.

Like Doug, it brings back some fond memories of those
spots like Armour Hotdogs, Miracle Whip, and Soft
Sense(Choir singing ... "sticky fingers" x2).

Roy Lawrence
San Francisco, Ca

--- Doug Bassett <> wrote:
> I once had (maybe I still do in a box somewhere)
> four
> or five AT40 programs from various years on vinyl,
> complete with cue sheets ('77 the earliest, the '84
> 8-disc year end countdown the most recent).  The
> theme
> from the '77 program was refered to as the
> "Shuckatoom
> Theme" on the included cue sheet.  Some of those old
> national spots from the early '80s bring back
> memories...L.A. Beer anyone?
> Doug Bassett
> Brattleboro, VT
> --- wrote:
> > Actually the theme says "shuck-a-toom" and that's
> > what the instrumental is called as well.  They
> > eliminated the vocal from the end of the program
> > sometime in the late 70's.  
> [...]
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