of course!

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Tue Dec 23 08:10:41 EST 2003

Dan Strassberg wrote:
>Well, WBOQ was obviously targeting the Volvo set and was apparently doing it
>very successfully. The MANY spots were clearly targeted at the sensibilities
>of an upscale suburban audience that would appreciate the unique--and in my
>opinion, wonderful--selection of music. I figure that the new format
>basically targets the folks who live in (and keep setting fire to) the
>rooming houses in Lynn.

Huh?  I've never lived in Lynn and have no idea who does live there, but 
since when does an oldies format specifically target low lifes?  If WBOQ 
was very successful targeting the Volvo crowd, my guess is that it would be 
still doing what it was.  More likely if the studio monitor was turned down 
they lost half their audience, and if you weren't listening there went the 
other half.  Most people I know who drive expensive foreign cars like 
Volvos don't listen to big bands/standards.  Maybe that was part of the 

>I guess this isn't news, but the US radio industry (or at least
>radio-industry management) seems to be populated by some of the dumbest
>conformist suits on the planet. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but how
>can one not be continually astounded by the herd mentality?

Not to mentioning trying to reach an audience that isn't particularly 
interested in "unique" formats.  No matter how "wonderful" a format is, if 
there's no one in the coverage area that wants to hear it, you're gonna fail.

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