WBOQ changes to 60s/70s AC/oldies

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 11:24:30 EST 2003

Scott Fybush's New England Radio Watch reports that
WBOQ 104.9 Gloucester
is now "North Shore 104.9"-- 60s and 70s oldies (no
more standards/AC)
with local news, etc. (Someone had asked further down
on this board
if WBOQ was going to change, IIRC...Looks like the
rumor was true.)


I have it on right now...they're playing a song from
the 60s or 70s I can't remember the title or artist
("Every day with you girl/Is sweeter than the day

Wow...in some ways I like this development but 'BOQ
used to have some interesting standards/jazz.
Now: an ad promoting a trip to Jamaica--from "the new
North Shore 104.9"

And now: Paul McCartney, "Take it Away"...
The Turtles, "You Showed Me"...
Simon Geller rolls over in his grave...again...

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