Norm Prescott

Bob Nelson
Mon Dec 22 01:26:04 EST 2003

--- Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
> He made a very nice income producing Sat morning
> cartoons for the 
> networks.

Info on the many cartoons Norm Prescott co-produced
("The Archie Show", "Sabrina and the Groovie
Ghoulies", "Fat Albert", etc.) Many if not all were
for Filmation Studios:

trivia: speaking of Archie-- the strip's creator,
Bob Montana, based Riverdale on his hometown
of Haverhill, so Riverdale High was really
Haverhill High, folks! To this day, the Eagle-Tribune
(which absorbed the Haverhill Gazette, IIRC)
runs the strip under the title "Haverhill's Archie".

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