New England Cable News

Joseph Pappalardo
Sat Dec 20 13:58:05 EST 2003

> Well, maybe you and I are watching different NECNs.  The one I watch has
> some very credible news anchors like R.D. Sahl and former channel 5 (WCVB)
> anchor Chet Curtis, as well as political commentary from both the left and
> the right, excellent sports reporters, and solid coverage of New England
> issues.

One of the jokes amongst my friends and colleagues has always been about the
"youthful appearance" of the field reporters on NECN.  Some look like they
could pose for a HS yearbook photo.

I recall someone calling into Howie Carr saying about NECN, "When I watch
news, I like the reporters to at least be at the age that they shave."

I am assuming this kinda thing comes back to them in research...and that's
the reason for R.D., Chet and Tom.

(Note: Not that there's anything wrong with a 'youthful appearance'...heck,
most of us would die for that compliment!  lol  But I am assuming that some
of the public perception might be  'youthful appearance = lack of
experience'.  And in TV, perception is reality, right?)


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