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Bill O'Neill
Tue Dec 16 07:35:03 EST 2003

> And what will happen to all the viewers/listeners who do not have
> school age kids?  This way, those with kids are kept
> watching/listening to the end, while the rest of the audience is not
> boored to clickerdom at the beginning.
> --
> Larry Weil
> Lake Wobegone, NH

Good question, but, I have to wonder if I am alone in noting the uptick in
energy or excitement value that a storm (and its potential radio ecoutrements
<$2 word>) can bring to the base.  Certainly, a rambling rundown in school
closings and delays can be a turn-off, but if it's done concisely and with a
target time-frame on the clock (not a constant drop-in) it can accentuate the
morning.  For those forging off to work, with the primary result to make plow
drivers' jobs worse, then a reminder that some people get to stay home can be,
well, stinky <50 cent word to balance the $2 word.>

Bill O'Neill

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