File under: Pet Peeve

Bill O'Neill
Mon Dec 15 20:44:19 EST 2003

Call it a perennial pet peeve, or, at least an annual.  Snow cancellations.
When will stations get the fact that on snow days (not the wimpy one, but the
real deal) that no school announcements need to be the lead news story?  Not
some service that is tucked in after the standard clock runs through the
standard elements and then delete first segment for cancellations.  Especially
if you are a local signal that may be blasting with extra listeners on such a
morning, you want to give it out early in the clock and stay with it.

That is in opposition to the theory that "new" snow listeners should be able to
catch a piece of what they're missing rather than blow up the usual fare for
something completely different.  Make 'em wait and they either go someplace
else, or they stick around and get annoyed, reinforcing why they don't miss you
to begin with.

Just my .02 FWIW.

Bill O'Neill

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