Storm hype?

Bill O'Neill
Mon Dec 15 19:03:41 EST 2003

Must admit, here in the Champlain Valley, we experienced TWO top ten storms in
less than a week and nary a hype-alert on any radio or TV station.  WPTZ (5)
held the prize last night at eleven and this morning at 5 with their full boat
of meteorologist hanging out on roofs, lots, decks and astride maps.  WCAX (3)
has a venerable one hour local cast at 6 (I hear one of the last in America) and
did a good clean-up job on the storm, evenhandedly.  I notice that WCAX is
letting whomever is talking toss to spots versus that annoying toss to host to
spot and back to host to specialist.  Must easier to watch.  Even with the
absence of an ABC local news affil since Channel 22 tossed in the towel, I think
there's good coverage here.  (Although Homer Simson could be animated as such,
on 22, to report the latest ski conditions.)

Bill O'Neill

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