NPR observation

Bill O'Neill
Mon Dec 15 18:58:50 EST 2003

> Everyone, even NPR types, is insecure in this business. The are just
> anxious about the imprisonment of a potential future employer...
> -Pete
> Enfield, NH

You sure you don't moonlite as a profiler for the Bureau?  Great catch.

In a similar vein, makes one wonder about what responsible parent would just
stand by and let their kid spout off, "When I grow up I'm going to be a radio
boss.  It will be wicked neat.  Dad, does it feel good when you fire someone?
Mom, how does it feel when you pull a beloved single from rotation?  When you
add a sleeper to "A" even though it blows dead &$%@??  Daddy, can a radio boss
walk into the studio even if the ON AIR light is lit?  Please?  May I threaten
automation at the Christmas party?  Is it okay if I tell them your theory on
women in morning drive?  Please???"

Bill O'Neill

Back hurts.  Snow count: 28" Shoreham, Vuhmaant

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