NPR observation

Bob Nelson
Mon Dec 15 10:08:26 EST 2003

--- Bill O'Neill <> wrote:
> Am I the only one who thought that NPRs coverage of
> Hussein's capture sounded
> like a radio wake? 

Without getting too political here (but we're
discussing radio news/commentary, so it's
appropriate), it could be that they're liberal-leaning
and visions of a Bush re-election are now
dancing in their heads. Some conservative talk
hosts (especially Laura Ingraham, who focuses on
media bias often) mention how down and depressed
some liberal-leaning TV commentators/newsreaders seem
when we get GOOD news from Iraq, or good economic
news, etc.

Commentary is one thing, of course, and news another;
while we expect viewpoints to be expressed in
_commentary_, news coverage is expected to be
objective. Or it used to be.

It was noted on the CBC's coverage of the Saddam
capture (re-broadcast on C-SPAN) that some Iraqi
were seen at the annoucement of the capture
jumping up and shouting "Death to Saddam!"

"They are just now getting used to the idea
of a free press, and not quite aware that they
need to be objective..."

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