Maine's classical music radio network has been sold

Joseph Pappalardo
Mon Dec 15 03:08:33 EST 2003

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> On 14 Dec 2003 at 23:05, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
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> > > How did Geller get that license in the first place?
> >
> > He applied for and was granted one of the open frequencies.  I don't
> > believe there were any challengers.
> So why did the FCC want to take it away?

People challenged his license renewal....based on inferior programmin,
community service, eratic schedule, technical quality, etc....Everything
they could throw at him, they threw at him.  These people/groups were better
funded, etc.  I think they were hoping to wear him down with lawyers and
their bank account.  Little did they know how stubborn (or resolved) he
would be.

Being a 'home grown' station (operated from his house), his little station
started to become a valuable property.  And since he didn't want to sell,
people started to challenge his license at renewal time.


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