Radio question for the proposed Red Sox-Alex Rodriguez trade !!!!!

Sun Dec 14 08:18:57 EST 2003


Just a tiny correction...Yes, he's the Vice chairman of Clear Channel
and his investment company -- Hicks, Tate & Muse does own a signficant 
chunk of Clear Channel. But, he's not a sole owner of the giant media 

Interesting theory...where would they move the Sox broadcasts in Boston?
Kiss, Jamn and Kiss 1430? No chance. If 1200 was already in play and 
had a sports format of some kind, I could see Hicks having some leverage in
the A-rod talks. The 1200 project faces a number of obstacles before it
can get off the ground. At this point, CC doesn't really have a 
local radio connection to house the Sox broadcasts in two years. 



--- Mike G <> wrote:
> This was already brought up on another message board that I belong to, but I figured I would
> throw this out to everybody out here in radio land.
> The owner of the Texas Rangers, Tom Hicks as most all of you know, also owns Clear Channel. 
> Could John Henry, Theo Epstein, etc. sweeten the pot to get A-Rod here by moving the flagship of
> the Red Sox from Entercomm owned WEEI ???  It might not mean all that much to Hicks, but it will
> improve his bottom line for the stations he owns in the boston market.

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