Maine's classical music radio network has been sold

Dan Strassberg
Fri Dec 12 07:44:03 EST 2003

It's really too bad that somebody doesn't syndicate a format similar to the
one BOQ has been running until now. Aside from WBOQ, the only place I know
where one can pick up similar formats is on satellite radio. WBOQ's music
was great and the station SOUNDED as if it were doing well (good spot load)
but I guess that the locally produced format (though voice tracked in many
dayparts) was just too expensive for the greedy new owner (even though he is
a member of the Tanger family). It seems that any music format that I like
on commercial radio is doomed. The people who really P!@# me off, though,
are the ones who say "gee, I hope they switch to smooth jazz." What the H!@#
is the matter with these idiots? What is it that bothers them about real
(albeit, light) jazz with recognizable melodies? MUST the only "jazz" on
commercial radio be Kenny G 24/7?

Dan Strassberg,
eFax 707-215-6367

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> > Wasn't it written into the sales agreement with Simon Geller that the
> > station would stay Classical?
> WBOQ hasn't been classical for some time now. At least a year ago
> they flipped to a format that I would call jazz-pop standards.
> Eli Polonsky

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