American Top 40 Theme

Bob Nelson
Wed Dec 10 13:18:56 EST 2003

--- SteveOrdinetz <> wrote:
 I wonder how many stations carry the show
> primarily because Casey 
> is so well known, and will find something else with
> an unknown doing it.

Perhaps Casey, or his producers/syndicators, figured
it was time to pass the baton to someone else. When
the show started, Kasem was about 38 years old; he's
now 71. Age didn't stop Dick Clark, "The World's
Oldest Teenager", from relating to teens on "American
Bandstand" and you'd think Casey has also done fairly
well relating to youth after all these years, but
perhaps there does come a day when Grandpa Dick
and Grandpa Casey "hang it up". 

(I think Don Cornelius
of "Soul Train" also retired at some point; a spoof
of the show on "In Living Color", titled "Old Train"
showed a doddering old Cornelius hosting the show,
with similarly old R&B fans who looked like they
came from a rest home--one had a walker, etc. :) )

I'll bet today's youth may know Casey better as the
voice of Shaggy on "Scooby Doo". (A scene in "Looney
Tunes: Back in Action" has the animated Shaggy,
voiced by Kasem, chastizing the live human actor,
Matthew Lilliard, who played him in the recent
live-action movie version of that show...)

> don't recall hearing 
> "shine-a tu" in it.

It starts off with an 11-note version of the familiar
theme, played on horns rather than the synth, and then
leads to a disco-ish tune (with the "shine-a-tu"
coming during a break near the end);then ends
with the horns doing that 11-note excerpt again
to end the song.

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