Talk radio caller's car hit while she's on air

Larry Lovering
Wed Dec 10 08:54:28 EST 2003

According to the article, she was stopped on the side of the road when she
was hit.

-Larry Lovering

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>   Bob Nelson wrote:
> >A caller to WABC in New York was talking to the
> >morning team of Curtis (Sliwa) and (Ron) Kuby when a
> >horrifying sound was heard; her car was sideswiped and
> >rolled over.
> Doesn't N.Y. have a fairly strict
> no-cellphones-in-moving-vehicles law?  I
> guess she doesn't have much of a defense... "but officer, it was an
> emergency call!".
> >She's not severly injured but listeners
> >heard her first ask, "Curtis, call the police (for
> >me)" then nearby motorists are heard helping her out.
> >The call was replied on yesterday's Sean Hannity Show
> >which is nationally syndicated but originates from
> >WABC (though Hannity did his show from KSFO the past
> >couple days)

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