Fw: Fw: Christmas Carol Terrorism?

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Tue Dec 9 08:53:07 EST 2003

A response from outside our group - see below

 > > > "Christmas carols are a form of terrorism? Well, according to 
> > > an Austrian union that represents store workers, the answer 
> > > is yes. The union believes the constant playing of Christmas 
> > > tunes is a type of "psycho-terrorism" that can cause workers 
> > > to suffer psychologically. <snipped>
> > > 

> This is absolutely true!  The 24-hour Howard Johnson's restaurant where I
> used to hang out often in college subscribed to some service where a man
> came every so often to change out tape carts in the closed-circuit music
> system.  Apparently the bill stopped getting paid, and the man stopped
> coming.  Unfortunately, the last tape carts that had been installed were
> the Christmas music, so it stayed in for months and months.  Since the
> music system was in a locked cabinet, there was not a lot that could be
> done to fix it.  Around August, a few of the waitresses couldn't take it
> anymore, and they talked one of the regular patrons (who shall remain
> nameless) into cutting open the cabinet with a torch.
> -- Mike

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