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Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Mon Dec 8 22:25:19 EST 2003

Steve writes:
> really doubt that a new sign-on could get away with half the corny
> programming they air (music to go the dump by, the Saturday
> morning bird
> report, etc.).

WVMT (620 Burlington) has pretty good coverage west of the Greens.  Aside from
AM drive (Charlie & Ernie) it's bird droppings.  As for WDEV's folksy charmy
stuff, most of that is driven by longtime owner, Ken Squires.  If he were to
hang up the cans, I doubt the same home-ground "sound" would continue much
longer, despite what seems to be a lot of tenure on the air staff.  Good
assessment of the state population.  Three years here hardly makes me an expert,
but many in the demo would hardly consider the above services "corny."  The
shows, and other features, are taken on what seems to be two levels: tongue in
cheek, and for the actual info they provide.  Brings me back to the Glick
overnights on BZ in some respects.  Hoaky but still relevant.  Most Vermonters
are woefully disenfranchised from the growing sanitized offerings.  XM and
Sirius are common among those who want music and have a "make your own" mindset
endemic to rural living in America.

Bill O'Neill

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