All Christmas Music

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Dec 7 23:57:49 EST 2003

On 7 Dec 2003 at 18:04, Dan Billings wrote:

> This trend has to be stopped!  If this keeps up, every station in every
> market will start playing all Christmas music around Columbus Day.
> I am generally against regulation of programming content but all these
> stations playing all Christmas music is more obscene than anything Howard
> Stern has ever done.  Where is the FCC when we need them?
I thought so!  Everyone who is against regulation always has an exception somewhere.  
Most conservatives want to get the government off our backs, except in the bedroom.  You 
want to stop Christmas music.

Calm down.  For one thing, the Christmas season does not start at Columbus Day.  And 
while it may seem so, it doesn't really start earlier and earlier each year, either.  It only 
seems so (a discussion we had a couple of years ago in this forum, as I recall).  Back in the 
mid-1950s, I saw some Christmas decorations in a store just before Haloween and remarked 
about them.  The store clerk said that the season was starting earlier every year.

But if the Christmas season really had been starting earlier every year, since the mid-1950s, 
it would now be starting before the previous Christmas season had ended.

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