Salty Brine's Real Name?

Larry Lovering
Sun Dec 7 21:25:58 EST 2003

(By the way, that is his legal name, it's not a nickname... oh, of course,
his parents had not christened him "Salty" but he had it changed legally
many years ago.... and he is silver-haired, quite elderly, missing a leg,
but very much alive and beloved by an entire state.)

>From Jim's Journal at

I always thought it was Walter, but I'm not sure now...

-Larry Lovering

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> >> you by any chance know what salty brine's real name is? i
> >>saw you made a post about him and i need to know his real name to
> >>answer a trivia question for school. thanks :)   -kelly
> Anybody on the list care to tackle this?

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