All Christmas Music

Ron Bello
Sun Dec 7 20:48:43 EST 2003

>--- Dan Billings <> wrote:
> > This trend has to be stopped!  If this keeps up,
> > every station in every
> > market will start playing all Christmas music around
> > Columbus Day.
>They're figuring on a quick ratings spike among
>certain listeners, and figure the disgusted ones
>will come back (...or will they?) once all returns
>to normal on Dec. 26. But will the disenchanted
>listeners "discover" the competition--and stay there?
>For example, many WODS listeners have probably been
>driven to WROR (though 'ROR is more classic hits than

If my house is any example, Oldies 103 will regret their decision.

Time once spent listening to WODS is now split between WROR and
WWBB Providence which comes in as a local in the western and
southern Boston burbs.  The car radio preset that was 103.3 is now 101.5.
We do not miss that station.  In fact we kind of like the expanded list of
music we get between our 2 choices.

There is nothing to go back to.  We have moved on.

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