TV Coverage Of The Storm

Bill O'Neill
Sun Dec 7 13:07:52 EST 2003

Bob Nelson:

Well, maybe they think
> people can tune to the AM dial to get their news
> and then hopefully tune back to 96.9 for talk.

Maybe they think? Think?  We'll excuse you this time, Bob. <g>

If they do, indeed, ascribe to that view, it's similar to what Donna reflected
upon yesterday with regard to radio relinquishing its foothold on snow day
coverage to TV.  Some things TV simply does better by virtue of the medium.
Radio, replete with endless cell phones at the slide of a pot, can bring instant
access to that wonderful hysteria that is snow interest across ALL demos.  An
"all hands on deck" approach to big, big storms can bring good will, blow away
competition, introduce the station to new, errant, underserved listeners and
perhaps, perhaps, yield carry-over after the plows are back in the garage.  Oh,
and if sales is invested in pre-selling storm coverage, it is less of a loss
leader.  There goes that excuse.

Bill O'Neill

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