Al Sharpton on SNL (but not here?)

Bill O'Neill
Sun Dec 7 12:58:01 EST 2003

>   I called it a night and turned the TV off about 12:30, and the Steve
> Martin SNL was still airing. They didn't join the live SNL in
> progress. I
> don't recall reading anything in the Boston papers the last
> few days about
> Channel 7 passing on last night's SNL. Did any other New England NBC
> affiliates pass on the live SNL in favor of the alternate
> Steve Martin feed?
> Mark Watson

WPTZ (Plat/Burl) // WNNE opted out of the live feed and went with the Steve
Martin version.  Crawl line stated that it was due to him being a "certified
candidate" in the NH primary.  Frankly, I'm glad. It was great to see those two
wild and crazy guys, again.  And Funky Tut rhythm is still stuck in my brain.
(How _did_ he get so funky?)

<banjo music> "Oh death, oh grief, oh sorrow and murder...."  It's amazing that
SNL has survived so many years after it was groundbreaking and good.

Bill O'Neill

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