got weather?

Sun Dec 7 10:04:35 EST 2003

  Donna Halper wrote:
>So, it's about 9 pm and I wanted to get the latest weather report-- I 
>mean, it's snowing like crazy out there, and I wanted to know what the 
>situation is with this storm-- I had gone to the internet and looked at 
>the various maps and an older NECN report from a couple of hours ago, but 
>was curious as to what local radio was doing.

Welcome to the world of those of us who don't live in metro Boston.  I live 
in southern N.H. where we got considerably less snow than coastal Mass. 
did, yet even the online weather sites seem to lump us in with Boston.  And 
since AP, NWS, etc. are what local stations (the few that have a live jock 
after 8pm or so) use, it's even harder for us to get an accurate 
forecast.  While certainly a decent snowstorm, we didn't get a "blizzard" 
by any stretch.

I think it comes back to a thread on this board when Princess Diana does a station justify the cost of keeping a news dept. staffed 
24/7/365 just to "be there" for these events that happen only a handful of 
times a year?

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