New Name For WBZ's Traffic On The 3's

Thu Dec 4 23:33:22 EST 2003

"Mark Watson" spake:
>I noticed that WBZ (1030) has a new name for "Traffic On The 3's:".
>Thanks to Subaru, it's now called "WBZ/Subaru New England All Wheel 
>Drive Traffic" brought to you by (this report's sponsor spoken here, 
>such as "The Nutcracker At The Wang Center"). A mouthful for the news 
>anchor to say the least. Can't wait for the "WBZ/Subaru New England 
>All Wheel Drive Traffic brought to you by your New England Ford 

Another change: They now state the exact time of the next report e.g. "Next traffic report at 23 minutes after the hour." instead of the old "next traffic in 10 minutes".  Combine this extra verbiage with the extra mouthful at the beginning and there's now at least 5 seconds less time available for real traffic info.

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