Fwd: Re: WPAA-FM Off-the-air

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 04:48:50 EST 2003

--- Laurence Glavin <lglavin@lycos.com> wrote:

> wpaa.COM?  Weird, when you consider Howie Carr's
> website is
> howircarr.ORG.

Yeah...and I think someone else has the wpaa.org
registered (a commercial firm!). Many
college/non-comm. stations use
".org".  As for Howie, as we've said before, someone
in Salem registered the domain names howiecarr.com and
howiecarr.net; 'RKO picked up howiecarr.org and
sent a nasty letter to the guy from Salem (who decided
that he would NOT give up those domains due to the
legal threats). I'm surprised 'RKO hasn't tried
to get howiecarrshow.com, which I believe is still

Ideally, commercial entities are supposed to have
.coms and non-profit organizations are supposed
to have .org...

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